Our History


The Little Burgundy Sports Center features a multitude of activities and spaces to accommodate a large audience. This large facility is very much involved in community life and contributes to the dynamism of Little Burgundy and the Southwest district. Its elegant and contemporary architecture makes it a true landmark in this part of Montreal.

Opened in 1997, this beautiful building was built at a cost of $ 8.6 million by neighborhood residents striving to overcome the lack of activities and sports facilities in the area.

Its funding was arranged by three parties: the federal and provincial governments have contributed $4 million and the City of Montreal invested $4.6 million.

During the opening, the Mayor Pierre Bourque officially transferred the facility and equipment management to the Little Burgundy Sports Center Corporation, chaired at the time by Mrs. Léonie Charles.

Managed independently, the Little Burgundy Sport Center is represented by the board of directors and a management team that works in partnership with the South West district, City of Montreal.

Our Mission


The Little Burgundy Sports Center’s mission is to contribute to the health and well-being of people in the community. To achieve this, the Center offers a wide range of sports and leisure activities in a fun and safe environment. The multi-function rooms with top range fitness equipment and a pool with favorable dimensions, allow to offer a wide variety of recreation programs and fitness and to meet all types of the community members needs. Whether losing weight, getting back in shape, entertaining or relaxing, the Little Burgundy Sports Center offers best conditions to reach these various goals.

Our Partners

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Our Team


Dickens Mathurin
Director General
514 932-0800 #24

Christelle Langee
Coordinator, gymnasium and multi-purpose room activities
514 932-0800 #27

Jean-Baptiste Berthet
Coordinator, Aquatics program
514 932-0800 #25

Kaouther Ben Younes smiles in front on the camera

Kaouther Ben Younes
Administrative Assistant
514 932-0800 #26

New Covid-19 regulations


General Usage instructions

  • Members must behave in a respectful and courteous manner towards each other and towards the employees of the Centre sportif de la Petite-Bourgogne (C.S.P.B.) – no form of harassment of abusive behaviour will be tolerated.

  • Members must respect and properly use the equipment and furniture provided
  • Members must put away borrowed equipment after use.
  • It is strictly forbidden to climb or step on the center’s furniture (tables, chairs, counters, etc.)
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke or consume alcoholic beverages inside the Sports Center.
  • No one under the influence of drugs or alcoholic beverages may enter the facility.
  • Running in the hallways, locker rooms, or on the pool deck is strictly prohibited.
  • Members must pay the fee before attending any activity.
  • No food or beverages may be brought into the activity rooms of the pool.  These items must be left in a locker.
  • Members must ensure that their lockers are properly locked.
  • It is strongly recommended to leave money or valuables in the locker rooms.
  • The C.S.P.B is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Users must not leave their padlocks permanently on the locker provided.  Failure to comply with this rule may result in the lock being cut off.
  • Sportswear is mandatory in all our activity rooms.
  • White-soled sports shoes must be worn in the activity rooms.



  • For a badminton session, a maximum of sic (6) players will be accepted per court.
  • You may only reserve one court per session.
  • It is forbidden to enter the storage area or to handle equipment without prior authorization.


Item Cost
Badminton Racket $ 2.50
Birdie $ 0.50

Swimming pool

  • Showering is mandatory before entering the pool.
  • A bathing cap must be worn in the pool.
  • Proper swimwear must be worn in the pool.
  • No shoes are allowed on the pool deck.
  • Strollers, bicycles, sleds, or similar items are not permitted on the pool deck.
  • Spitting, blowing your nose, or chewing gum in the pool is strictly prohibited.
  • It is strictly forbidden to enter the pool without the permission of a lifeguard on duty.
  • The wading pool is reserved for children under the age of eight (8) accompanied by an adult.
  • It is forbidden to use equipment without the authorization of a responsible person,
  • No stopping in the middle of a lane during free swim.
  • Unless otherwise specified, it is strictly forbidden to access sports areas outside of the hours scheduled or reserved for the activity.
  • In case of a reservation following your time, you must finish your activity on time without making the next group wait or for the staff to ask you to finish your game.
  • It is forbidden to cross or walk on an occupied court during a game.
  • Access to the locker room for free swim periods is fifteen (15) minutes before the activity.
  • The use of the showers must be done in a reasonable manner (maximum 15 minutes)
  • No form of vandalism will be tolerated inside or outside the building and actions may be taken against any person found guilty of such misdeeds.
  • An activity may be canceled if the number of participants is insufficient.
  • The C.S.P.B.  reserves the right to modify the schedule without notice.
  • It is strictly forbidden to photograph, film, or record anywhere (on the premises or outside) either with a camera, cell phone, or any other device, any situation involving other members or any member of the C.S.P.B.  staff.
  • The C.S.P.B. reserves the right to close due to unforeseen circumstances or major work during the year, without the obligation to reschedule the missing days of activities.



Refusal to cooperate and comply with the established standards and instructions may result in the member’s expulsion.


Rules and Procedures



How it works:


  • Pre-registration is a privilege that is available only to members that are in good standing and are already enrolled in activities, and they receive priority in enrollment for the next session.
  • It is only available to members already enrolled in activities
  • Pre-registration only applies to subsequent sessions. (A member is not allowed to pre-register if he/she was not enrolled in activities during the session preceding this pre-registration)
  • During a pre-registration, the member must enroll in the same activities for the subsequent session. (To enroll in new classes, the member must wait for the respective period of registration)
  • To facilitate accessibility for all, there is no pre-registration during the autumn or summer session.



  • Pre-registration reserves a spot in a class as scheduled by The Little Burgundy Sports Center. (There is no guarantee about the time or day of the lesson)
  • Children must be enrolled in the appropriate level:
  • You must make sure to enroll your children in the right level (refer to the child age booklet). Otherwise, your registration will be canceled and we will not reserve any spot.
  • We cannot guarantee a spot for the summer session because of the limited schedule.
  • There is therefore no pre-registration for the summer
  • A fee of $10.00 will be charged for any lost or stolen booklets.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to enquire at the reception.


For reimbursement of course fees, please contact: Jean-Baptiste Berthet (514) 932-0800 extension 25 (pool side activities) OR, Jackson Joseph (514) 932-0800 extension 27 (gymnasium and multipurpose room activities).

Clients are entitled to reimbursement after the first week of session, however, subject to charge for courses actually attended, as well as a service fee of $10.00. No reimbursement will be issued at the third week of session, EXCEPTfor course cancellation.



Clients are entitled to course transfer. Please be advised, however, of a $10.00 charge, EXCEPT if requested by an instructor (e.g. the transfer of a student to a different swim level).

Note: For further information please inquire at reception.


Board of directors

Here are the members of the board of directors of the Little Burgundy Sports Center.

Name Fonction Classification
Labelle, Stéphanie Chair Facility user
Zentner, Lee Co-chair Resident
Rasquinha, Sonia Administrator Resident
Painchaud, Normand Administrator Resident
Dubois, Anne-Blandine Administrator Organization
Northrup, John Adminsitrator


Organization charter

Bylaws of the Little Burgundy Sports Center.

Activity reports and financial statements

Here are the annual activity reports and financial statements of the Little Burgundy Sports Center.







The centre will be closed on June 24th and July 1st


Registration for our summer classes starts on June 15th at 9 am.  To register, visit our website and click on REGISTRATION.


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